AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle – Yellow

AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle – Yellow

AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle – Yellow

AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle – Yellow

Need a bag to store your gear between diving? Tired of carrying luggage? Have an unorganized rental locker? The Aqua Lung ADVENTURER mesh bag is the perfect solution.

Durable and Convenient

Made of durable 1680D polyester and foldable mesh, the AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle is designed to withstand the rigors of diving. The zips are corrosion resistant and easy to grasp, ensuring that your gear stays secure and protected.

Designed for Dive Enthusiasts

The soft polyester mesh body folds down to the size of a sweatshirt for easy packing and travel. The large size fits any diving kit, allowing you to carry all your essentials in one bag. The mesh body also allows you to easily rinse the whole kit and let it dry, keeping your gear clean and fresh.

Customizable Design

The Aqua Lung logo is printed on one end and one side of the bag, giving it a stylish and recognizable look. The end and the remaining side are empty, allowing you to customize the bag with your own personal touch. Whether you want to add your name, a dive club logo, or any other design, the AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle can be personalized to suit your preferences.

Easy to Carry

The bag comes with a removable padded shoulder strap, making it comfortable and convenient to carry your gear. Whether you’re walking to the dive site or traveling to your next diving destination, the AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle makes transporting your gear a breeze.

  • Dimensions: 84 x 36 cm
  • Weight: 0.6 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the bag fit all my diving gear?
  2. Yes, the large size of the bag can accommodate any diving kit, including wetsuits, fins, masks, and more.

  3. Is the bag waterproof?
  4. No, the bag is not waterproof. It is designed to allow water to drain out easily, making it suitable for rinsing and drying your gear.

  5. Can I customize the bag with my own design?
  6. Yes, the bag has empty sides that can be customized with your own design or logo.


The AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle is a durable and convenient bag for dive enthusiasts. With its large size, customizable design, and easy-to-carry features, it is the perfect solution for storing and transporting your diving gear. Say goodbye to carrying heavy luggage and unorganized rental lockers, and say hello to a hassle-free diving experience with the AQUALUNG Adventurer Mesh Duffle.