Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104 – Product Description

Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104 – Product Description

Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104 – Product Description

Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104

Are you in need of a reliable and portable oscilloscope for your professional projects? Look no further than the Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104. With its 4-channel design, 100MHz bandwidth, and 1GS/s sampling rate, this oscilloscope is perfect for a wide range of applications.


  • Item Type: Oscilloscope
  • Material: ABS
  • Function Parameter Model SDS1104
  • Bandwidth: 100MHz
  • Sample Rate: 1GS/s
  • Horizontal Scale (s/div): 2ns/div-1000s/div step by 1-2-5
  • Rise Time (at input typical): 3.5ns
  • Channel: 4
  • Display: 7in color LCD 800 x 480 pixels
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ ± 2% in parallel with 20pF ± 5pF
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 400V (PK – PK) (DC+AC PK – PK)
  • DC Gain Accuracy: ±3%
  • Record Length: 20K
  • DC Accuracy (average): Average16 ± (3% reading + 0.05 div) for V
  • Probe Attenuation Factor: 1X 10X 100X 1000X
  • LF Respond (AC -3dB): 10Hz (at input AC coupling -3dB)
  • Sample Rate / Relay Time: ±100ppm Accuracy
  • Interpolation sin(x) / x Interval (T) Accuracy (full bandwidth): Single: ±(1 interval time + 100ppm x reading + 0.6ns)


  1. Plug in the power supply and press the power switch to turn on the oscilloscope.
  2. Connect the probe to the desired channel.
  3. Calibrate the probe in the 5V calibration area to ensure the waveform is displayed correctly.
  4. Adjust the probe until the waveform can be output stably.
  5. Start your measurement.

Package List

  • 1 x Oscilloscope
  • 1 x CD
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x Probe
  • 8 x Color Ring
  • 2 x Adjustable Bit
  • 4 x IC
  • 4 x Grounding Spring
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 4 x Manual

4-Channel Design

This digital oscilloscope features a 4-channel design, allowing you to monitor multiple signals simultaneously. With its 100MHz bandwidth and 1GS/s sampling rate, you can capture and analyze complex waveforms with ease.

9 Automatic Measurement Functions

The Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104 comes with built-in 39 automatic measurement functions. With just a press of a button, you can display all the measurement values, making it easy to view waveform information and analyze your signals.

FFT Spectrum Analysis Functions

This oscilloscope also offers FFT spectrum analysis functions. It provides FFT rms function and supports various window functions such as Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Rectangular, Kaiser, and Bartlett. These functions enable you to analyze the frequency components of your signals accurately.

Automatic Cursor Function

The automatic cursor function of this oscilloscope allows you to quickly measure the difference between two points of the waveform. This feature is particularly useful for engineers who need to analyze the real-time measurement waveform and make precise measurements.

Waveform Zoom Function

The Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104 also includes a waveform zoom function. The upper part of the display shows the complete waveform, while the lower part provides an enlarged area to observe more waveform details. This makes it easier to read parameter data and analyze your signals effectively.


The Digital Oscilloscope SDS1104 is a portable and professional oscilloscope that offers excellent performance and functionality. With its 4-channel design, 100MHz bandwidth, and 1GS/s sampling rate, it is suitable for various applications. Whether you are an engineer, technician, or hobbyist, this oscilloscope will meet your needs and help you achieve accurate measurements and analysis.